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Our experience in probate and estate administration enables us to provide an all-round service tailored to your specific needs. Whether you choose to deal with certain aspects yourself or instruct us to take care of everything for you, we offer you a choice of options for handling a straightforward estate;



Consultation only


We offer an initial fixed-fee meeting of £250 plus VAT (If the deceased's will was prepared by Garden House Solicitors, we offer this consultation to the executors of the estate free of charge). At the initial meeting we will discuss the steps that need to be taken after somebody has died. If the deceased left a will, we will explain the terms to you clearly so you know exactly what to do if you have been appointed as an executor. If there is no will, we will explain the intestacy rules to you so that you understand the position.


1. Grant only – straight forward estate


Our involvement will be limited to taking out the Grant. The client will supply details of all assets and liabilities and obtain Probate valuations for any house shares and other assets. We will then: complete the calculation of the gross and net values of the estate; prepare the Statement of Truth; and file the Probate application online. Once the Grant has been issued the case will be passed back to the client to complete the remainder of the administration of the estate. The work will be carried out for a fixed fee of £2,000 plus VAT.

2. Full Administration -straight forward estate

Garden House Solicitors will carry out the full administration of the estate. The work will be charged on the following basis:


Estimated Gross Value of Estate (Including House)                                             Estimated Fee excluding VAT

£0 to £300,000                                                                                                          Minimum fee £3,000 plus VAT

£300,001-upwards                                             £3,000 plus VAT plus 1% of estate that exceeds £300,000 plus VAT

More complicated estates

Any estate with no valid will, or any form of contention, or with assets outside of the UK, will be quoted on a case by case basis using an hourly rate. Please contact us directly to discuss your particular needs.

Whatever option you choose, we will guide you through the process ensure that the deceased person's wishes are carried out with the utmost care


Disbursements are costs related to your matter that are payable to third parties. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process and will bill you for those expenses.

  • Land Registry Search Fees for the Title:- £3

  • Probate court fee: £273 (Additional copies of the Grant are available at £1.50 per copy);

  • Bankruptcy-only Land Charges Department Searches: £2 per beneficiary;

  • Advertisements of the death to protect the Executors from unexpected claims from unknown creditors circa £200

  • Bank charges for large electronic transfers circa £35-£50


The above is a guide only and you will be advised fully on all disbursements that may be payable as the matter progresses.

Feel free to contact the Private Client team on 01992 422128 to arrange an appointment to discuss your next steps

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