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We offer a bespoke conveyancing service for clients and our fees are as set out below:


Property Sales


Freehold sale :                                                 £1000 + VAT


Leasehold Sale:                                               £1300 + VAT


Property Purchases


Freehold purchase: no mortgage                 £1300 + VAT


Leasehold purchase: no mortgage               £1500 + VAT


New Build purchase: no mortgage               £1500 + VAT




Transfer of Equity (no mortgage)                   £500 + VAT 


RX1 Application for restriction                       £300 + VAT


Declaration of Trust (including RX1)              £500 + VAT

Hourly rate where negotiations

with another solicitor is required.


Advice on Mortgage Deed (Etridge letter)

(including witnessing of mortgage deed)      £350 + VAT


Our fees are exclusive of VAT and disbursements. Typical disbursements include (but are not limited to) Office Copy Entries, Searches, Land Registry Fees, Stamp Duty. Please call us for a comprehensive quote.

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