Swearing and Affirming and Certification

Your Solicitor may have prepared a document for you to swear or affirm and asked you to contact a local solicitor to do that for you, that is because the same solicitor who prepared the document cannot also witness your signature to it. 


Alternatively, you may need Certified Copies of a document to send to another professional, for example you may need to certify a copy of your passport to send to a bank.  A certified copy is exact copy of an original document which is then certified and signed by a solicitor as being a true copy of the original.


Common practice is for the solicitor who does the swearing to keep the fees as a tip, however at Garden House Solicitors we do things a little differently- we apply the monies received for these services for various fundraising and team building events.  Over the years we have made significant donations to the Alzheimer’s Society by hosting an annual garden party to raise funds and awareness of the work this charity does.  Some of the other charities we have supported this year include the Terrence Higgins Trust, Action for Children and the School Dinners Appeal. More information on these charities can be found below.

The Terence Higgins Trust

The Terence Higgins Trust is the UK's leading HIV and sexual health charity. They are

committed to contributing to the end of HIV transmissions and improving sexual health,

by supporting people living with and affected by HIV and poor sexual health and ensuring 

that their voices are are heard.

They do this by providing testing services for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections,

and helping the people using their services to achieve good sexual health.

As well as providing  services, they campaign on issues from relationships and sex education 

in schools to the proper funding of HIV services.

Action for Children

Action for Children is a UK children's charity committed to helping vulnerable children and

young people, and their families, throughout the UK. They believe that every child should

grow up safe and happy, so they offer support to help them thrive – and step in to help

when times get tough. 

They work to improve the lives of children, young people and families in the UK by

building solid foundations and spotting problems early- this means funding parenting

classes, nurseries and children’s centres, as well as providing breaks for young carers,

and extra help for disabled children and supporting young people at risk of homelessness.



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