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Patricia Ling

Managing Director


Patricia is the Company’s Managing Director and Principal Solicitor.


Having acquired a wealth of experience in the legal profession for over 35 years, Patricia established Garden House Solicitors in 2006, creating an energetic, amicable and professional team of legal advisors.


She is an expert in the area of litigation and has extensive experience of handling contract disputes. Her specialist area of expertise is representing people who have suffered head injuries as a result of an accident to ensure that they are properly rehabilitated and compensated. Patricia also helps the families of victims of fatal road collisions at the Coroner’s Court as well as pursing civil claims on their behalf.


Patricia has extensive experience in all areas of law practised by Garden House Solicitors and has an uncompromising commitment to delivering the highest quality legal service to the Company’s clients.


Patricia’s interests are working out in the gym, dancing and being an active member of her book club.

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