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Payment is required up front in all cases.



Standard Single Will                                                £280 plus VAT

Mirror Will with Protective Property

Trust Or Discretionary Trust                                    £600 plus VAT

Non-standard single Will (e.g. lots of gifts or

beneficiaries; second marriage or relationship

where interests of both sides need to be

considered; overseas assets)                                  £600 plus VAT

Standard Mirror Wills                                              £475 plus VAT

Codicil (per individual)                                            £350 plus VAT

Severance of Joint Tenancy and RX1                     £100 plus VAT


IHT advice:

Limited advice only can be given with in the standard fee for Wills thereafter hourly rate applies.

Witnessing of Will:

Included in price of Will if witnessed at office. Home visits are charge £50 plus VAT for each visit (within 6 mile radius of the office). Additional fees apply if the radius is greater. Please enquire.


Storage of Will:

Up front charge of £25 plus VAT for 5 years. Free if GHS appointed Executor


Please note that Land Registry Fees where applicable will be charged as disbursements and are additional to the above fees.



Severance of Joint Tenancy and Form RX1


Applying for Office Copy Entries at Land Registry:        £15 plus VAT + £3 for office copies (disbursements)


If severance and RX1 at time of new Will                        £100 plus VAT


Lasting Powers of Attorney


We offer a tailored bespoke service and advise clients on the merits of entering into Lasting Powers of Attorney, whether Financial & Property or Health & Welfare.


One LPA (individual)                                £500 plus VAT

Two LPA's (individual)                              £750 plus VAT


Two LPA's (couple)                                  £750 plus VAT

Four LPA's (couple)                                 £975 plus VAT


One General Power of Attorney           £250 plus VAT


10% off within 4 weeks of finalising new Will




Out of hours appointment                  £50 plus VAT


Registration of EPA                              Hourly rate


Court of Protection


Application for Deputyship Order     Hourly rate


Statutory Will                                       Hourly rate


Application to Court of Protection

for a person who has lost capacity    Hourly rate


Lifetime Trusts


Simple trust (bare trust)                     £600 plus VAT


Pension Death Benefit Trust             £600 plus VAT


Life Policy Trust                                  £600 plus VAT


Life Time Discretionary Trust            £600 plus VAT


Interest in possession trust

(Adult beneficiary)                             £450 plus VAT


Personal Injury Trust                          £600 plus VAT


Acting as professional trustee         Hourly rate


Advising/Assisting with

administration                                  Hourly rate




You can find our full list of Probate fees here.


Before undertaking any work, we will meet with you to review the Will and discuss the estate. We will then give you a fees estimate and if possible we will endeavour to give you a fixed fee. If you chose a fixed fee option you’ll know exactly how much the estate administration will cost, however this may be reviewed where the matter proves to be more complex than originally envisaged. Fees are charged according to whether a Grant only or Full Administration is required and also whether overseas assets are included within the Estate, the number of beneficiaries, the complexity of the estate and potential claims, whether the estate may be insolvent and whether Garden House Solicitors are appointed as Executors.


Grant only service:


Our Grant only service can be a cost effective way to obtain a Grant of Probate for a simple estate. Using this service, Clarke Willmott will draft a Grant of Probate (or Grant of Letters of Administration) using information provided by the family. The Grant only service is only available where no inheritance tax is due. The family will be responsible for dealing with the estate once the Grant has been received. Fees can be reduced if family members are prepared to help with the non-legal tasks such as clearing personal items, meeting with estate agents and transferring utilities. These aspects can often be time-consuming and do not usually require legal expertise.


Our Grant only fees are:


Where a simplified estate form (IHT205)

is submitted                                                       from £2,400 inc VAT


Where a full estate form (IHT400)

is submitted                                                      from £3,300 inc VAT



Full estate administration service:


Our full estate administration service will provide you with expertise throughout the entire Probate process which includes:

•Providing initial advice

•Gathering the necessary evidence needed for the Probate application

•Applying for the Grant of Representation

•Collecting in the estate assets

•Paying tax, liabilities and legacies

•Dealing with HMRC negotiations

•Preparation of full estate accounts and tax returns

•Distributing the residue of the estate to the entitled beneficiaries.


Our fees for this will vary depending upon the terms of the Will (or if the deceased died intestate), the size and complexity of the estate and the type and location of assets involved.


Fees for a Full Administration Service start from £3750 + VAT and vary according to the size and nature of the Estate.


Probate Court fees and the costs of selling property are payable in addition to our fees.



Care Fees Advice


Initial meeting (fixed fee)      £300 plus VAT


Thereafter                              Hourly rate

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