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Tenant evictions can be a precarious process. Failing to follow the correct procedure and in the prescribed manner can delay an eviction and cost you, the landlord, money.

When seeking to evict a tenant from your property, the first step is to issue your tenant with a Section 8 Notice and/or a Section 21 Notice. Often, this will be sufficient for tenants to find themselves a new residence.

However, if a tenant decides they will not comply with the requisite notice given, landlords often need support.

If you are faced with a tenant who has indicated they are not willing to leave when the notice date expires, or they are in rent arrears and are not willing to make arrangements with you to re-pay any amounts due, or perhaps they have breached the terms of their tenancy agreement in any other way, for example, running a business from the premises where this is prohibited, or perhaps where they have caused damage to the property in some way, we can help you to get your property back and claim rent arrears or damages due to you.

Evicting tenants is stressful. We can assist you through the process, giving you the right advice at the right time to effectively evict your tenants, and this starts from stage one. If the notice documents and service have been carried out correctly, this avoids delays in any potential future possession proceedings against your tenants. If, however, you have found yourself in a position where documents have not been prepared or served correctly, we can advise you on how to move forward with the eviction process.

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