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It is an unfortunate fact of life that disputes happen, whether in the course of business or in an individual capacity. When they do, our specialist Dispute Resolution team is at hand to offer advice to anyone who may have a claim or may have a claim made against them by another individual, business or organisation.


We understand that if you find yourself in this position the issue of costs and time will play an important part in your decision to pursue a matter and we can offer expert advice on the most cost-effective and efficient method of resolving your dispute.


Many disputes can initially be resolved through negotiation, failing which, the other options that may be available include a letter demanding payment, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) such as mediation or arbitration, the issuing of a statutory demand or the issue of Court proceedings.


We have experience acting for both Claimants and Defendants in the field of Dispute Resolution and at the point of initial instruction, we will advise you of the costs involved and our plan for achieving your goal. As your claim progresses we will keep you updated and we will continue to advise you on the course of action to achieve the best possible outcome in your matter.


We offer our services in helping to resolve civil disputes through to complex commercial litigation and we have a wealth of experience gained from not only being instructed by individuals and businesses in the Hertfordshire region but also those based nationally.


Matters we can assist you with:

  • Debt Recovery

  • Property Disputes

  • Contractual Disputes 

  • Construction and Building Disputes

  • Nuisance Neighbours

  • Landlord and tenant

For debt recovery claims we like to provide you with a fixed fee where possible. Fixed fees for an initial face to face meeting and initial letter before claim to recover the debt or initial defence to a debt claim usually ranges between £480 plus VAT and £800 plus VAT, dependant on the level of documents which need to be reviewed and complexity of the claim.  If the cannot be resolved after the initial steps are taken, we would charge an hourly rate of between £160 plus VAT and £220 plus VAT for all work done thereafter. Any barrister’s fees and Court fees would be charged in addition and the cost of these will vary dependant on the value of the debt.


For this fixed fee, you will receive:

  1. A face to face consultation to take instructions

  2. Advice with regards to your potential claim or available defences

  3. Preparation of your Letter before action to the debtor/Defence to the alleged debt  

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