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Making a Will

Ensuring that your family members are taken care of after your death by having a valid will may be one of the most significant things you ever do. Although different people will have different reasons for making a will, the end result is the same; your loved ones are looked after and things are made as simple as possible for them after you pass away.


One in three people in the UK do not have a will and half of all people over the age of 45 have not made a will. Many people put off making a Will as they believe they have nothing to leave but we all accumulate possessions during our lifetime (even if they are only of sentimental value).


Not having a will adds a burden on your loved ones at a very distressing time for them, particularly if you have not made your funeral wishes known. It can also cause unnecessary delay and expense in administering your wishes after your death.





Reviewing your will


If you have already made a will we recommend that you review it regularly to ensure it meets your current circumstances. If you have a homemade will or have any doubts over whether your existing will meets your current wishes we are happy to review the will for you free of charge. It is important to remember that having a badly drafted will or one that has been completed without the relevant formalities being adhered to could leave you in the same situation as if you had not made a will at all.


There are certain events and circumstances that can affect the terms of your will. For example, if after signing your will you get married, that will is revoked (unless the Will was made in contemplation of that marriage). Other circumstances include:


• birth of new children or grandchildren;

• start of a new relationship;

• divorce or separation;

• purchase of a new property (either in this country or abroad); and

• any money you win or inherit.


If any of your circumstances have changed please contact our team on 01992 422128 and we will be happy to arrange a free will review.



Storage of your will


We offer to store your original will free of charge for your lifetime, and provide you with a certified copy for your records. This avoids the possibility of the original document getting lost or destroyed.


We also recommend that all wills are with registered with Certainty, the National Will Register. When we write a will for you, registration is included as part of our service and does not cost you any extra.


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