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Climate change

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 is due to take place between 31st October and 12th November, hosted in Glasgow. The conference aims to unite parties who can work together to take action towards the aims of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Now more than ever, the legal industry in the UK is demonstrating promising levels of commitment to reaching the ‘net-zero’ ambition for energy emissions.

As climate change persists, the rate that ‘clean’ technologies develop and are implemented continues to rapidly increase. According to recent studies, Scotland's production of renewable energy meets an impressive 90% electricity demand. The International Energy Agency described, ‘modern bio-energy as the overlooked giant in the renewable energy field,’ but emphasized how ‘rigorous sustainability regulations will be essential to meet its full potential.’ Having environmental responsibility is becoming more popularised in commercial environments, signposting a potential rise in the demand for legal representation in environmental and energy law. But how is the legal industry both preparing for and supporting this environmental agenda?

Many legal professionals, both in house and in private practice, are stepping forward with exciting new initiatives. ‘Lawyers for Net Zero’ was set up by Executive Director Adam Woodhall in recognition of the opportunity for in-house lawyers to support rapid climate change action by promoting innovative climate change policies at work. Across the country, lawyers are encouraged to consider how they can tailor legal advice to identify, avoid and manage physical liability and risk linked to climate change. Aside from business demand, conversation here at Garden House Solicitors reflects a desire for a liveable, happy and healthy planet, for now and for generations to come.


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