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  • Feride Gildir

Get professional advice to avoid your will being contested

A recent poll by Direct Line Insurance suggests that 24% of People in the UK are prepared to contest a loved one's Will if they are excluded as a beneficiary. Thousands of applications have been made to the Probate Registry to stop Wills being administered for various reasons, including disgruntled relatives who have been excluded from the Will making claims on the estate; questions about the legality of the Will or the testamentary capacity of the donor at the time the Will was made.

Making a Will is an extremely important undertaking and it is important that you get professional advice, particularly if you intend to exclude a potential beneficiary.

If you would like to make a Will or take advantage of our fee review of your existing Will please contact Feride Gildir who will be very happy to help you. Feride has vast experience of Will drafting and will advise you how to ensure that your last wishes are respected.

You can contact Feride on 01992 422 128.

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