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  • Wemi Ali

7 Steps to Take Immediately to Help Your Personal Injury Claim

If you have recently suffered from an accident resulting in injury, it can be difficult to think ahead.

Taking legal action often seems like a daunting prospect however, we have put together seven simple steps you can take to help support any claim you may decide to bring:-

1. Gather the names and contact details of any witnesses and registration numbers from any vehicles involved.

2. Take photos of the site of the incident and any damage to any property and any injuries you may have sustained.

3. Request CCTV footage - or for footage to be preserved.

4. Report the accident to your employer, police or your insurer.

5. Write down a detailed report of what happened, including details of who, what and when.

6. Keep a record of any injuries you may have and any medications you have been prescribed or purchased as a result of your injuries.

7. Finally, get in touch with a solicitor who you can trust.

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