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A big win for Garden House!

Lucy Walpole and Patricia Elizabeth Ling are celebrating a massive victory in the High Court. Our client Ms Palmer has been awarded £1.67 million in compensation after suffering a mild traumatic brain injury in a crash on the M25 when her car was hit at speed by a drunk driver. Instead of engaging in the Rehabilitation Code and offering Ms Palmer help to recover from her injuries, Liverpool Victoria Insurance valued her claim at £5,407, accused her of being fundamentally dishonest and put her through the ordeal of a 12 day trial in the High Court. In his judgment Judge Metzer QC said ' I have no difficulty in concluding that I found the Claimant to be an honest, helpful, impressive and dignified witness in her own case'. He also criticised two of the Insurance Company's medical experts, he observed that the neuropsychological expert's first report was 'littered with judgmental and rather scathing comments and that her language went beyond that which was appropriate for an expert to employ' and he suggested a level of unconscious bias. The Judge did not attach any weight to the Insurer's pain expert saying he either intentionally or recklessly departed from his duty as an expert.

To read the judgment follow the link below.

Another big win for Garden House Solicitors and once again we want to remind everyone that if you or anyone you care about is injured in an accident don't instruct a solicitor that your insurance company recommends to sue another insurance company! Call Lucy or Patricia on 01992 422128 and we will look after you.


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