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Changes to the Highway Code

Since last Saturday (29th January 2022) there has been some major changes to the Highway Code and we would encourage all of you to read these changes and familiarise yourselves with them.

The three new rules are numbered H1, H2 and H3. These new rules focus on giving vulnerable road users greater protection and clarity over their right of way at junctions.

Rule H1

Rule H1 sets out a hierarchy for road users which puts the most vulnerable at the top and those that face the least risk towards the bottom.

The hierarchy is as follows:

1. Pedestrians

2. Cyclists

3. Horse riders

4. Motorcyclists

5. Cars

6. Vans/minibuses

7. Large passenger vehicles/HGVs

Rule H2

This rule gives greater priority to pedestrians at junctions, instead of cars taking priority when turning left or right into a junction, pedestrians crossing the road now take priority over vehicles.

Rule H3

This rule sets out that drivers are required to give priority to cyclists in almost every circumstance, particularly at junctions.

This rule also encourages cyclists to cycle in the middle of a lane in some circumstances to allow themselves to be more visible to other road users, for example on quiet roads or in slower moving-traffic.

Further guidance

In addition to the new H rules, a new technique is recommended when exiting a parked vehicle named the ‘Dutch Reach’. This is where the person exiting the vehicle is encouraged to open the car door with the hand furthest away from the door causing their body to look behind them to ensure there are no passing cyclists or motorcyclists or people on the pavement.

At Garden House Solicitors, we want our clients to remain safe on the road, and therefore we strongly encourage you all to read fully and understand these changes. Please remember that Garden House are here to help, and therefore if you find yourself to be personally injured as a result of a road traffic accident please do not hesitate to contact us on 01992 422128 and we would be happy to help you.


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