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Gender Identity

In recent years, discussion about gender and identity have become less taboo. It is now commonly accepted that gender may not necessarily align with the sex assigned to you at birth. Gender is not fixed, it is an expression of who you are and how you feel.

Gender has been a central characteristic in social organization and in most cultures, gender is assumed to directly correlate with your birth assigned sex. But, what happens if the way you feel about yourself and your gender does not align with your sex?

‘Gender fluid’ is a term that suggests a level of flexibility in how you identify by gender. This term is an acknowledgement that gender is non binary and does not necessary need to conform to boundaries established by tradition.

Gender fluidity is a somewhat new concept and it can be difficult to understand. This doesn't mean, however, that throughout history people have always fit strictly within binary identification.

At Garden House Solicitors we are open to this conversation and we acknowledge the importance of identity and freedom of expression of the individual.

If you would like advice on matters legal matters that may have arisen from issues relating to gender, please contact us here at GHS. We have a fantastic family and employment law department who are experienced in dealing with a range of issues and we also can provide change of name deeds if required.

We are always in your corner!


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