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LGBTQ+ Pride at GHS

This month marks Pride 2022 and here at Garden House Solicitors we stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community and ally with the fight for equality.

As a law firm, we take our platform seriously and know that we can make a serious change in the lives of members of the community. We understand that LGBTQ+ clients can have unique legal needs and it’s important to us that all of our clients feel that they have a safe space to express themselves and know that they will be represented by legal professionals who support them.

One significant legislative change that effected the LGBTQ+ community was the passing of the Same Sex Marriage Act on the 17th July 2013. In the UK, the first marriage of same sex couples happened on the 29th March 2014. At long last, this law permits same sex couples to marry, as well as convert existing civil partnerships into marriage. It also allows transgender people to change their legal gender without having to end their existing marriage. The passing of this statute is but one of the incredible changes that the LGBTQ+ movement have fought to achieve and for that, we celebrate.

At GHS, we believe that pride is visibility, understanding and acceptance – this month is a time to ask questions, listen and support each other.


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