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Divorce Day-is it a Myth?

If your marriage has made it intact through January, then maybe you’re not a believer in the recent phenomenon described as Divorce Day.

In recent years, solicitors have been seeing a large spike in couples seeking divorce on one specific day of the year- the first working Monday in January. There are several factors that contribute to the existence of Divorce Day, but one thing is certain- January is a busy time for family lawyers!

According to relationship experts, Divorce Day occurs due to the stress of trying to have a perfect, idyllic Christmas with your spouse when you’re no longer happy with them- after the Christmas period, real life kicks back in and couples are faced with the reality that they are in an unhappy marriage. In addition to this, the January blues have set in by this point, and many people’s bank balances are as low as their moods.

Relationship charity Relate recently revealed that it receives a peak in calls regarding relationship issues in January, receiving a 24% increase to their helpline compared with an average month. Internet searches regarding divorce also see a spike, it was recently reported that more than 40,000 people searched ‘divorce’ online last January, over 25% higher than any time of the year. The vast majority of these calls and searches on this day and throughout January are from couples who are already at crisis point after existing relationship tensions have come to a head over Christmas.

At Garden House Solicitors, we understand how daunting starting divorce proceedings can be, especially if there are children involved. Our compassionate team will stay with you through the good and bad times and will offer you all the advice and assistance you need to see it through. If you wish to enquire about divorce, or any legal matter, don’t hesitate to call us on 01992 422 128.

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